Saturday, 30 April 2016

Z is for names beginning with or containing Z AtoZ challenge 2016

Z, of course,  is a difficult letter to use as a prompt.
I looked in my family tree to see how many times I had names  with a Z in the beginning or within the name and I was quite surprised to find the following:
  Zed -1
  Zoe -1
  Kezia -1
  Elizabeth - 120( and I didn't count the times it occurred as a second name)
  Eliza- 20
  Eliza Jane Hepzebah-1 ( 2 Z's-Wasn't she lucky?)

and I had one family name beginning with Z
and others containing Z
  It's been great participating  in the challenge and I've made it to the end again. Yeh!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Y is for You. AtoZ Challenge 2016

Have you written your story for your descendants? Wouldn't it have been nice to have your great grandfather's story written down for you. It would have saved you a lot of time and trouble trying to work out which "John Smith" he was and did he really steal the pig. Be kind to your descendants and write your story now.
Where were you born? Is the place still there? If so take a photo.
Where did you go to school? Do you have school photos?
What did your parents do? Did you live in different places?
What about funny family stories. These are the things that records don't give you. Help your family out.
When & where did you get married? Do you have photos of the wedding and some of the relatives that attended?
I hope I've given you enough questions for you to think about for your descendants. Perhaps you have some other information that they might like to have.
Don't delay, start today.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

X is for names beginning with X AtoZ challenge 2016

I was really scratching my head to have something to write for this one. Then I remembered I should look to see if any of the family had names beginning with X. I knew I had a Xanthin but I also found Xavier. There are only 2 X's in the whole tree.
When the organisers' said write short blogs well here is a short one.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

W is for William Blackledge

William Blackledge is one of my great grandfather's younger brothers. He was born on August 20 1866 (1) in St Helens Lancashire. In 1881 he was apprenticed to the sheet and plate glass manufacturers Pilkington Brothers of St Helens. It is interesting to read the apprenticeship indenture papers to see the conditions of the day. He was apprenticed for 6 years and one calendar month.
As part of his conditions  he shall obey the company's reasonable commands and will not waste, neglect, embezzle or spoil their goods and he must not frequent taverns, inns or alehouses nor play cards, dice or any other unlawful game.(1)
His conditions  and pay rates are set out in great detail.

He'll be paid 7/0 per week for the first month  and then 8/0 per week for the first year, 10/0 per week for the second year, 12/0 per week for the third year, 14/0 per week for the fourth year16/0 per week for the fifth year and 18/0 per week for the sixth year as long as there is enough fuel for the pits. If not, then he will be suspended from work and paid two-thirds of his wages. If he is not able to work at any time then he will not be paid.
Another interesting bit is that his father must "provide good and sufficient meat, drink, lodging, and washing. And also sufficient wearing apparel and medical and surgical attendance when necessary". (1)

He continued to work at the glass works as in the 1891 census he is listed living at home with the family at  112 Peter St Eccleston St Helens and working as  a glass works warehouseman (2) and in 1901  he was married, living at 248 Dentons Green Lane St Helens with wife Elizabeth and a 2 year old daughter Doris  and listed as Manager, glass works (3)
By 1911 he is living at 23 Hard Lane St Helens and is manager of the warehouse of the sheet glass manufacturer. (4)
 Sadly he died aged 58 on January 3 1926  (1) and is buried in the St Helens Cemetery.

(1)Contract of Service: William Blackledge with Pilkington Brothers, St Helens  20th July 1881)
(2) 1891 census of England, 112 Peter St, Eccleston, St Helens, Lancashire, folio 79, page 7 , William Blackledge; digital images, ( : accessed 24 Apr 2016); citing PRO RG 12/3021

(3) 1901 census of England, 248 Dentons Green Lane, St Helens, Lancashire, folio 50, page 22, William Blackledge; digital images, ( : accessed 24 Apr 2016); citing PRO RG 13/3519. 
(4) 1911 census of England, 23 Hard Lane, St Helens, Lancashire,  William Blackledge; digital images, ( : accessed 24 Apr 2016); citing PRO RG 14/22760

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

V is for Variations AtoZ Challenge 2016

On my trip to Boulia I took many many photos of the Variations in the Channel Country. I was amazed at the Channel country. I had never been out that way before so was eager to see it especially as they had had some summer rain after many years of drought. Here are just a few-well quite a few.

Quilpie to Windorah
Between Quilpie and Windorah

Windorah to Birdsville
Windorah to Birdsville
Windorah to Birdsville
Windorah to Birdsville
Birdsville to Bedourie

Birdsville to Bedourie
Bedourie to Boulia

Bedourie to Boulia

Bedourie to Boulia

Bedourie to Boulia

Bedourie to Boulia
Now you can see why I had to take so many. It really varied quite a bit.

Monday, 25 April 2016

U is for Up the creek

In Aussie speech "up the creek without a paddle" means you have no hope of doing whatever you planned. (1)
For me up the creek means going to the creek for a swim and a picnic. Our favourite spot as  children was the Washpool at Sandy Creek just west of Warwick. Even grandfather Armitstead was a frequent visitor but he also visited Iron Pot at Sandy Creek nearby.
Betty, Harley, Jack & Rene Armitstead at Iron Pot

 Harley, Betty & Jack Armitstead at Iron Pot

Walking up the creek

At the Washpool 1953
Both these spots are now covered by water from the Leslie Dam but the Washpool name is still used as there is now a Washpool recreation area.

Washpool Recreation Area 2016

(1) See for a better description

Saturday, 23 April 2016

T is for Throupe sisters

Mary Ann Throup was my great,  great grandmother and she left her home in Yorkshire after she married John Holmes. However this post is not about her. I was given a photo of her sisters. Trying to work out who's who is great fun. The 3 sisters on the right are married as  you can make out their wedding rings under magnification. One sister Jane Ann did not marry so I think she is on the left. Mary Ann had  6 sisters but one, Elizabeth died in 1856 so the ones that could be in the photo are Hannah, Jane Ann, Margaret Caroline, Martha Selina and Maria. I suspect that these are the four younger sisters of Mary Ann- from Left to right. Jane Ann, Margaret Caroline, Maria  and  Martha Selina. The labels with the photo are not mine but I concur with the bottom set of names but add Maria as the one not named on the album as she looks younger than the rest and Maria was the youngest daughter. Isn't it great to have a photo of your great great grandmother's sisters even if I can't be sure which one is which.